bitcoin, graphite frottage on paper, receipt, stamp on paper

In spring 2019, I stayed in Belfast where the conflict between Catholics and Protestants were continuing. One day at a Sunday market, I purchased a coin. It was a physical bitcoin and was priced at 20 pounds. Bitcoin is a virtual currency whose value changes according to online transactions, and thus supposed to have no physical form. The bitcoin I purchased was, after all, a kind of joke product. This joke product, however, obtains a value by being sold as a merchandise at the Sunday market. I made a frottage of the bitcoin on paper with the online closing price of it on the day I purchased the coin. I then framed the physical coin with a receipt I obtained at the market.
I assume that both the virtual bitcoin and the physical bitcoin sold at the market are authentic. Two forms of the same bitcoins seem to imply two opposing values that a single religion could have.




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