"Ruins of Tsumari"

vinyl sheet, sandbag, signboard, a clay image of a house

This is an excavation project conducted at an abandoned school site in the Tohoku region.
In Japan, the fabrication of archaeological sites by a well-known archaeologist received much attention in 2000. The academic authority of the archaeology was largely damaged by this incident.
I happened to have been engaged in the work of archaeological excavation before. Using my experience, I conducted the archaeological research and excavation at the abandoned school site. Due to the geographical location of the school, which was on the hill next to the river, there was more likely a village in this location in ancient times. Finding a bump in the school ground, which could be an ancient mound or tomb, we excavated the surrounding area. Unfortunately, we could not find any archaeological objects from the site, and thus, I fabricated the finding by burying and excavating a replica of an ancient clay figure that I brought.
My act was a homage for the 2000 fabrication of archaeological sites. After the incident, the Japanese started to see archaeology with suspicion. Therefore, the viewers received my work with suspicion from the first place. When we see suspicious information, we seek to find the truth by carefully observing the matter. I hope that this work evokes the memory of the 2000 fabrication incident in the viewers and makes them think about the social background behind the case.




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